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Why We Do What We Do


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AlphaTex Kennels

Why do we do, what we do?

 We are often asked why do you not sell your puppies to working and show homes "only" to enhance the reputation of your kennel?

Why do you sell to just ordinary families where the dog will most likely never be in the public eye ever again?

I have thought of this often when I remember fondly all the years and friends that I had in the dog show world of the 1970s and '80s.

We are very grateful to the American Kennel Club and the dog fancy for forever insuring the beauty and quality of all the dogs we love. 

For generations to come to enjoy. 

But then I look at our refrigerator door and all of the pictures there, these are the  reasons why we do what we do.

These pictures and the accompanying e-mails letters and phone calls are our trophies, our Best of Breeds and our Best In Shows. 

We do what we do because:

Of the beautiful German Shepherd female that laid on the the death bed of a terminally ill cancer victim.

Bringing constant comfort and love to his last months of life. And then sharing the grief of his loss with his faithful widow for  years afterwards.

And then there is the 3 year old that grew up with his very own "AlphaTex baby". All of his childhood memories are tied to his beautiful constant companion and playmate.

Or the 1 1/2 year old little "only child"  that has the constant companionship love and protection of his German Shepherd female out on an isolated Texas ranch, to enhance his childhood memories.

Or the Marine that leaves for the war in Iraq, knowing that his wife and son are under the protective eye of the huge bi-black, AlphaTex German Shepherd male, back home in California.

Or the elderly retiree that takes his beautiful AlphaTex baby for walks in their nearby park and then informs us that we did not tell him what a "Babe magnet" she would be.

Or the soldier calling from Kurdistan on 3 second delay telephone during the war, to order a little German Shepherd female.

When asked why he was reserving a puppy when he was suppose to be over there fighting a war

. His reply was " that all the other guys over here have girls waiting for them when they get home, so I wanted a girl waiting for me when I get home, too."

And she was waiting for him in New Mexico and they are sharing their lives in the sunshine of Florida.

Or the firefighter in the forests of Alaska for 6 months at a time; that knows that his young family is protected by the massive AlphaTex Shepherd that he left with them at home.

Or the young cowboy on a Texas ranch that never climbs on his horse with out the constant companionship of his totally devoted AlphaTex Shepherd.

  That is trying desperately to retrieve his herding instincts, so long ago forgoten by most of his breed.

Or the young military wife in Carolina that was waiting anxiously for her husband's return from the war; with his welcome home present, a squirming little German Shepherd puppy, in her arms.

Or the massive male AlphaTex Shepherd that runs up and down the stairs all day and night, playing with the children and protecting the residents of a "safe house", for abused wives and children.

Or the endless numbers of retires that grew up with memories of their childhood Rin Tin Tin, and now in their later years they are sharing  their lives and often their RVs with their very own " AlphaTex Rin Tin Tin".

Or the newly widowed young mother that has the comfort of knowing that the protection of her family and home is insured by an AlphaTex female German Shepherd.

Or the many active young families that are creating their own memories for their children that are growing up with their very own Fur babies".

They provide endless hours of fun, love and play. Or the oilfield worker that has the constant companionship of his massive GSD, out in the vast openness of the Southern New Mexico oilfields.

Or the family that have a cabin on the lake that had a  special dock built so their guy can get back to shore easily, after his daily swims and boat rides.

Or the two German Shepherd males that have the duty of protecting, and keeping the wild life away from a 22 acre estate in the woods, along side a river, in Washington state.

Or the young female German Shepherd that is keeping us all safe as she does her duties each day as part of the homeland security team.

 Or on a sadder note there is the beautiful AlphaTex Shepherd that was one of the best cadaver dogs, on a search team, after disasters require his assistance.

Or the young German Shepherd that stayed by the side of her young, 1 1/2 year old charge, as she escaped out the front door of her parents home in the early dawn hours.

 Only to be discovered hours later in a pasture across the road still at the side of the playing child.

Or the professional rodeo rider that travels all over the nation and sleeps well each night knowing that she, her horses, her truck, and trailer, are all protected by the beautiful German Shepherd sleeping at her feet.

Or the young teenager that wanted to try to show her new German Shepherd male; and took first place in the American bred class, her first time out.

 Or the young AlphaTex female, that was shown by her young mistress to many, many wins and placements, in their first show experiences.

Or the newly divorced single mom that has the security of knowing that she and her children are protected by their beautiful AlphaTex Shepherd.

Or the numerous young professionals that have added an AlphaTex puppy to their family just because of their respect for "quality", in all aspects of their lives.

Or the young pre-veterinarian student that loves her AlphaTex baby because she understands the value, of good health and good genetics, in the selection of a healthy, quality puppy.

Or the single father who is trying, with the help of an AlphaTex baby, to restore the confidence and self-esteem of his young son, who had been a victim of an abusive home. 

Or the couple in their mid-years that are trying to "feather" their "empty nest" with a new AlphaTex baby, to love and enjoy.

Or the female that was for ever in the second grade. She goes to school every day with her owner, a second grade teacher.

She gets to go out and play for recess which she really enjoys, but her primary job is to be the "Reading Dog".

Her job is to lay and listen unconditionally as each of the children takes turns reading to her.

Or the beautiful young German Shepherd female, that was the engagement gift for a young, New York City, bride .

Or the beautiful  AlphaTex German Shepherd male puppies, that are the constant playmates and protectors of a Missionary's children, in the Old Mexico mission fields.

Or the beautiful big girl that was a loved friend and jogging partner of a young Army wife, as they both awaited the return of her husband from the war in Iraq.

Or the fabulous young female AlphaTex German Shepherd, who's duties include being the beloved playmate and protector of a little 5 year old only child.

Or the beautiful German Shepherd female baby, that was the welcome to recovery present;

 for a beautiful young lady that had just returned from a massive hospital stay and three major surgeries in a row.

Or the beautiful sable AlphaTex baby that is in Oklahoma trying to mend the hearts of a loving family, dealing with the untimely death of the K-9, love of their life.

Or the wonderful male shepherd puppy that arrived just before a 4 year old little girl's birthday, to share a lifetime of love and protection for her and her family"

Or the beautiful AplhaTex Shepherd that is the diabetic detection dog for a beautiful; formally homebound, young lady.

Or the young male that fills many of the  lonely hours of a recently divorced man, with unconditional love.

Or the beautiful little German Shepherd female that was a gift to two young children, to help them endure the illness of their mother as she fought her battle with cancer.

Or the company owner that sleeps well at night knowing his company, office and equipment are under the constant watch of not one but four AlphaTex German Shepherds.

Or the police officer that leaves on shift knowing that his wife and family are under the care of a massive Eastern European bred AlphaTex German Shepherd, male.

Or a solider calling us early one Sunday morning from Baghdad, Iraq,

 To reserve his children's Christmas puppy. But he reserved a baby that would be ready at the end of January, because he would be back in the states and wanted to give it to them himself, and he did. 

Or the many, many AlphaTex Shepherds that are

PTSD service dogs, For numerous returning Vets.


Yes, these are a few of  the reasons,

 "Why we do, What we do".

These are our ribbons our trophies and our Best in Shows.

"We have no need for dusty trophies in the attic, when we are blessed almost daily, 

with pictures like these to enhance our lives. "


"Why Do We Do, What We Do"

Baron and His Boys


"This is an example, of why we do what we do. 

We think the picture speaks for it self. 

pictures like These are the only trophies we will ever need."


Hi, Sandra! Ill take a good pic soon of Baron and his twin boys.

Hes exactly 100 pounds just what you guys predicted!! Hes the best dog in the world

 a fantastic big brother to the twins. Lol. Take care, and thanks for a truly amazing dog.


It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of their beloved Baron.



     please email us at sandra@alphatexkennels.com   

  or Feel Free to Call us at (806) 292-7445 or (806) 292-5348


 Puppies for Sale 

Home    Our Female GSDs   Our Male GSDs     Rehome Dogs & Horses for sale    pay online

 Why We Do What We Do       Puppy Purchase      Thank You & K-9 Kandid Kamera   

   Older Puppies and Adult GSDs Available 

Another Fantastic example of Why We Do What We Do!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Brianna

San Antonio, Texas 2022


Hi Sandra!        

I just wanted to update you on my handsome puppy!  

Hercules is doing great! Were getting along wonderfully & hes learning & growing well.

He is an absolute delight! He goes most places with me & is now my constant companion. Just what I was looking for!

Ive begun training him to be a Diabetes Service Dog. Its of course, early days & we both have much to learn.

 He is extremely intelligent & is learning well! 

Thank you so much, Lilley, Utah



Her Christmas Suprise of 2021 is really growing.

Her Christmas gift waiting here at AlphaTex, after a scavenger hunt across Texas


I am so amazed by this dog. She shows guard dog abilities already and she has leaned sit, stay, lay, fetch,

return and drop also. So has a good toy drive so I think I can also train her for mantracking.

She is my buddy wants to be apart of every thing is ma doing. I love her so very much!! Thank you for her. ❤️❤️❤️


Hi Sandra!

This is Jennifer. My husband and I bought a puppy from you in December and Ive been meaning to email you. I just wanted to say thank you.

 He is the best dog Ive ever had! We named him Max and he is so amazing. He and our daughter definitely hit it off.

 Next time we get a puppy we will definitely come to yall! Thank you so much for giving us a new member of our family! 

Thank you! 



Max 2021


"Two AlphaTex, boys Starting their Journey home"


Kodi and Scooter

"On their way to Wisconsin"

I just wanted to reach out and let you guys know you breed some amazing German Shepherds.

 Kodiak, Scooter and I are at a 2 month long training, and both are reaping in the awards. 

 Kodiak received (3)  Rookie of the Year Awards. One in Search and Rescue,

Narcotics Detection, and Take down. Scooter has earned his 2nd Annual Top Dog award for our course

 that tests agility, obedience, and take downs,

and he has also been tested on all his certifications and was awarded first place. 

I can say without doubt that your dogs have a great foundation from you guys! Thank you so much!


"Scooter made the move to Wisconsin in 2019"

 "And came back for his new Best Friend,"


"December 2020"

{Our Thanks to Courtney}

"Love and Enjoy them both"


Hey mark. Richard  here. Nov, 2020, Carly is the best dog I've ever had.

 Her doganality is insurmountable.

She has the best demeanor and is the best watchdog I've ever seen.

 Carly is what a german shepherd person would design!!

Thanks for changing our lives.
She's definitely my big baby girl. She goes in the car with me everywhere.

 Great breeding. Will be in touch.

I've told several people about you and will continue.


Murphy                   Jethro              Dega

{Locket X Sherman, Son}         

                Just wanted to give you a little update on Laramie, who we renamed to Dega. Hes doing really great and Ive been extremely impressed with his intelligence, gentle nature and drive to please. I ended up with my family back together, which meant getting my other GSD, Murphy, and my 13 year old man (who was diagnosed with cancer today), Jethro, all back together under one roof. Murphy and Dega have become best friends that never want to be separated and play together until they drop. Dega has alreaedy been given full reign over the house over-night without issue. Ive found generally he will learn a new command after only a few repetitions. I use an electric unicycle that does 18mph to run him.and hes almost faster than that even as young as he is. Hes around 50lbs right now, which blows my mind.I think hes going to be a big boy. Ill send his AKC registration paperwork off soon under Alphatexs Dega Von Kellerhaus.

                Thanks for all you guys do, very happy I found you and this giant fur ball of love. Enjoy the pictures.


On our way to our new home to, Lemasa, Texas


                                 "Are we On Our way Home, Mommy"                 " Ten + Years later we need 2 AlphaTex's, babies"                                  


                                                                "Daddy 's Home"                                         










  " Jury is always his Co-Pilot"        


                                                                         Luke and Smokey                                                 

                                                                                                                       { Whidbey Island, Washington}       

                                                                                            Smokey welcoming his Daddy home, Back from Deployment 

Mark, Sandra, and Kory, 

I am writing for a few reasons.  I purchased Smokey from Alpha Tex in December of 2006.  He was a puppy from a litter of Ryker and Sage.  When I got him, I was single and going through flight training in Texas.  Smokey moved with me to Whidbey Island, Washington where I was stationed for over 10 years.  He became a huge part of my life and very much part of the family.  I got married in 2010 and we now have 2 kids.  I was deployed several times during my time in Whidbey Island, and I always found someone to take great care of him while I was gone.

It is with a breaking heart that I wanted to let you know we had to put Smokey down last week on September 5, 2018.  He almost made it to 12 years old.  I miss him like crazy!  The words I would use to describe Smokey are Loyal and Faithful. 

The picture below is when Smokey met me when I returned from one of my deployments.  I was single at the time; a lot of the other people had their wives or family members to welcome them, but I had Smokey.  A photographer captured Smokey running and jumping up to greet me.  This is my favorite picture of Smokey.  What a wonderful dog and friend Smokey was! 

Smokey lived a great life and he was great with our kids. He was so protective and would always have to be right beside us no matter where we were.

Thanks for letting me purchase Smokey 12 years ago.  He was a God send to me, and I am so thankful for the times and memories we shared. 

We will be moving in the spring and I wanted to see if you have plans for any puppies available around March / April timeframe.  I am still grieving from losing him, and there is no way to replace him, but I am interested in getting another German Shepherd.  Thanks.


Luke Brown


Sandra;  I wanted to give you an update on the much beloved baby you sold to us.  She passed yesterday, and she was such a good and beloved part of our family.  She was very healthy up to the last week before she passed and it seemed that her body quit on her.  We are heartbroken, as you can imagine, but she will always be beloved in our home, and by everyone that met her.  She was not perfect, not even close, but it was those odd things that made her unique.  i want to say thank you for that beautiful girl and the years of love and loyalty she gave us. 

13 years 9 months BTW.



Hi Sandra, And Mark
I'm sorry it's taken so long to get back to you  But the puppy is doing incredible. We named him Nicco, Russian for " victory " and he will know nothing but
. I think. He is just as you said, a dog with high drive that needs a working home. He is so much like my Navy dogs. Ultra alpha and wants a job so bad and has no patience for stupidity. He goes walking everyday and it took him about three days to learn to walk on the end of the long line about 15 feet ahead of us. It is so cute. He has found his place walking in between Bella and Tele acting as if he owns the world. And he takes it all so seriously. He wasn't afraid of anything when we got him but he did hesitate at a few things, looking at me for guidance. Now he takes his cues from the other two and never worries about anything. It probably helps to have backup but that was what I was counting on. When he gets some age and size, he'll rule the world. I can already see it. 
I took him to the vet for his rabies vaccine and he's unreal being such a baby yet. He walked in on his lead like no other dogs do. Sits and waits. Then with all that confidence, walks in to the exam room, walks up to my vet and looks him right in the eye. When he got his shot, he licked his hand and he let my vet give him a once over, listening to his heart, etc. and he takes it so trusting. Then he was sitting on the exam table looking the doctor right in the eyes, while he strokes his fur back on his face talking to him about what a good boy he is and Nicco licked his face. My vet happens to be one of my best and oldest friends and he said these German " military " dogs are unbelievable. No wonder they are so successful in battle. So Nicco made a friend then walked out the door, no pulling or anything, walks through the parking lot up to my truck and sits looking up at the door waiting to get in.
He is everything I could have hoped for and I can't thank you enough. I'm definitely going to keep in touch and I would love to get a bitch sometime in the future.
I'll send photos of his progress and with some of his Navy buddies, both the K-9 and human kind.
Tim and I enjoyed meeting Mark and found lots to talk about. Would love to meet more of your dogs someday.
Thanks again. Be assured your baby is in a good home loving his new family and living up to everything you bred him to be.
Diane & Tim


Hi Sandra and Mark hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and best of health for the New Year! I just would like to thank you for choosing the right dog for us. Ruisty is a very intelligent dog and minds great. Everyday I just cradle him in my arms telling him that I love him. I'm so glad that I hung in there, that first week of getting bit  by him I was ready to give him away but after your email I changed and started showing him who the boss was and that's all it took.
He makes me laugh at night when it is time for bed I can no longer stay up late by myself and play games because he won't let me he will cry if both of us are not in that bed. He is the best dog I have ever had other than my Spits that I bottle fed. Again thank you.

I  thought I'd update you and let you know how she's doing. First.. we love her. Totally, completely love this girl. She's super smart and well behaved.  She's very attentive without being "in your face". She's extremely brave and keeps a close eye on me when we're out and about. For example, she killed a copperhead snake this past weekend when I would have stepped on it. She was bitten several times (she's fine so no need to worry) but still killed the snake. I would have stepped on it wearing only flip-flops. She's also with me whenever we work the cows and horses and more than once she's gotten between myself and them. 
I just visited the website and was hoping to find another of her same lines. She's out of Destiny by Kramer.  I may be interested in a female I saw if she's still available. I'll talk to my husband and see.
Anyhow, I wanted to send you a picture or two of my sweet girl. We are SO thankful to have her! 
Thanks again, 


Hi there!
I purchased a puppy from you about this time last year, his name was Diesel and he was from the 10-17-13 Destiny/Striker litter.  We have since kept his name as Diesel, we just couldn't find another name as fitting!  He is now a whopping 90 lbs. ! He loves to play fetch, ride in the truck, chase birds, steers, horses, and goats! He is the sweetest little guy I have ever came across and he LOVES his momma! We taught him German commands, as he occasionally goes to K9 training with our friend who is a K9 officer for the San Angelo Police Department. He is such an intelligent animal, he loves to learn, and he LOVES to please! He goes to work with me every day at our office and does exactly what I wanted him to do - a guard dog but most importantly a companion.
I cannot thank y'all enough for producing such a fabulous dog.  I love him as if he were my own human baby, I joke that he is. Ha ha! Diesel fills my heart with so much joy, I can't imagine what life was like without him! Again, thank y'all so much for him. He is absolutely adored at his forever home!
Attached is a current photo of Diesel, in his Christmas garb - of course! He'll do just about anything for a peanut butter treat! Thanks & Merry Christmas!



Hi Sandra,
Just wanted to let you all know we got home just fine. This dog is more than any if us could have dared hope for. I've almost always had a dog most of my life but have never had one this sweet natured, mellow and easy to train. He is basically already housebroken, has never gotten into anything and leaves an entire room of little birds alone. Although, he does steal dish towels, socks and my shirts to add to his "baby" collection and he is honestly puzzled and hurt why the dogs in the mirrors and glass doors won't come play with him, he is still as close to perfect right out of the gate as you can get.
Tim is a little sorry now that he didn't let me get 2 while we were there! We will see how we're doing in 6 months and maybe we will be ready. Thank you very much for your graciousness and hospitality letting us take so much time making our decision. We love him.


Hey Sandra, this is Kolton Carthel.
I wanted to let you know how blessed I am to have purchased a dog, Moses, from your kennel.

He has been nothing but great, called beautiful more time than I can count, and the vet I take him to say he is the most well behaved dog they've ever seen.

I am so thankful to have been able to purchase such a high quality dog and breed through you. I've included a few pictures of him


                                                                                                                                   Moses 11-15-14                                                                                                      


     please email us at sandra@alphatexkennels.com   

  or Feel Free to Call us at (806) 292-7445 or 652-3458



Koen 2014

(2 Years old)
Sandra, Koen turns two today. I've never seen an animal with so much love and affection for an entire family that also possessed a very controlled distrust of strangers.

 His protective instinct and zero fear of anything is really impressive.. 

Hi Mark and Sandra. Thought I would send an update on Zantana (Cash & Zeta). He's almost 18 months old, can't believe we have had him for a year!
We made a trip to Kansas this past weekend, he's a great "road trip" dog, but the main thing I wanted to tell you about is his temperament.
Zantana lives with Dale and I, in our 60's, as an only dog. While in Kansas, he played non-stop with very young children, two to ten years old. They played with water guns, balls, toys, etc. The children were laying on him, kissing and hugging - anything they wanted to do was fine with him. At home he is my 24-7 companion and protector, so we were very pleased with how he was with the children! A great tribute to your breeding efforts!
He is a beautiful big boy, about 95 pounds now and the love of my life! Keep up the good work!
Panhandle, Texas

                                                                               Addie and Jury                                                                           


"She was cleaning pieces of steak out of his back teeth, and he was a perfect gentleman"               


                                                             I wanted to send you all some pictures of Hilda, I adopted her back in October.  She is one of the best things to have in my life and I am so proud I chose you all to adopt her from. She is one of the smartest and protective dogs I could ever have. Her and my daughter are amazing together and Hilda is my therapy. Thank you for your care in breeding and caring for all the furry animals.


Hey Sandra it's Camren, I got Dixie from you about three months ago and she is so precious! I love her with all of my heart and I
would do anything for her! She has filled my life with joy and happiness! I have no idea what I would do without her, she is so
loyal, and she gets along great with our other dog. Thank you so much!


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 Why We Do What We Do       Puppy Purchase      Thank You & K-9 Kandid Kamera      

   Older Puppies and Adult GSDs Available    

  Hi Sandra,
Things are going good with Ace so far. Daisy and Max haven't been very welcoming yet but they will all lay on the same couch with him this evening. Ace is sleeping great, right between my husband and myself, he doesn't cry or even ask to go out during the night. I only sleep around 6 hrs so he is doing great with that, I just get the occasional face lick while sleeping. Yesterday one of his ears stood up for a little while, very cute.
He is going to start a puppy class at Petsmart next weekend.
Thanks again,



March 2014

Remember Khole. We got him from you March 3rd a year ago. He's doing great. 

 Thank y'all sooooo much.  He's a drug dog now. Very smart   

 I will try to follow this with a picture if I know how to do it.  

Thanks again. 


     please email us at sandra@alphatexkennels.com   

  or Feel Free to Call us at

(806) 292-7445 or (806) 292-5348


Hello.... Here is a pic of my Dog Lobo I bought from you earlier this year. (Cinch is his father..Solo is the mama)

He is right at 10 months old in this picture and is turning into a beautiful dog. He loves hanging out on top of the picnic table

during the day and is a great companion and family pet. Thank You for an outstanding dog Ernest   (Amarillo, Tx.)


Addax at his new Home on the Range



Our baby {Koen} is growing like a weed More than 90 lbs now. 

He is the most loving dog I have ever met.


June 1, 2013

Hey you guys! It's Ashlee here again. I purchased my puppy from you out of Cash and Zeta's litter, and I just thought we'd drop in to say a quick hello!
This is the baby now, he's 36 pounds and full of spunk.  In fact, I changed his name from Rasta to Alpha, because it perfectly describes his personality! He's extremely smart and is doing very well in his puppy kindergarten classes, and really enjoys them!  I've got him potty trained now and he is doing great in the house. He also loves our pool. He is already a great companion and can only get better. We are all so happy! Thank you again for what you guys do



 Alpha is growing up 

Hey there!  We got this beautiful guy from y'all last April (born from Cash and Zeta Feb 3, 2013). He is a year and almost five months old now, and the best dog I have ever had. He is now 28 inches tall, and weighs about 100 pounds. He's a big boy! He is absolutely perfect in every way, and I just wanted to say thank you once again for blessing me with my best friend! We will be revisiting y'all when we are ready for another beautiful German! 
Thanks so much again,


  Feel Free to Call us at (806) 652-3458


We bought Bryan from yall in july 2012. We changed his name to Diezel. This is Diezel now he will be a year this month on the 14th. He graduated from Petsmart twice already. Diezel has turned out to be a beautiful dog. We enjoy him very much.
Thank You, The Garcia Family
Odessa, Texas

     I wanted to write and tell you how pleased I am with Phelan.  I bought "adopted" Phelan, or "Mark" as he was called from your littler in Feb of 2011, (Litter was whelped 7 Dec 10) after I came back from the desert.  During his puppy hood he was deemed the Demon Dog, because he was worst behaved pup ever!  LOL, I had a friend of mine pup sit him and when I went to pick him up, Phelan tried to bite him as he walked by.  With very little training, my boy now knows when I am disappointed with him, proud of him, which is more than disappointed in him.  He knows all the moods in the house, except when not to mess with the oldest dog.  :) for some reason he likes to pick at him.  He LOVES to go swimming in his in ground pool in the back yard, can't keep him out of it!  And tennis balls! OMG!  I buy him a bag at least every month!  He is security trained for the house and also bite sleeve trained.  He is a 107 lb love sponge and is by my side all the time!  I wanted to write you long ago about him. 
     Thank you for the Great German Shepherd, he has almost filled the paws of the Shep I lost while I was deployed, however, as you know they can never truly be replaced, just loved more! 

                                                                                         Phelan going for a dip


a Skeet and Starskey pup

Sandra and Mark, Just wanted to touch base with you to let you know we are just loving our Thor. He is not afraid of anything and a little hard headed. He is really smart and potty trained fast. He seems to be happy in his new home. He is settling in to his new life quite well. Some days a little too well. He is a very smart dog and picks up commands fast, when we can get time to listen. He is much like any toddler into everything and chewing on everything. Alek and Zach are enjoying him,too. Thor is good for teaching them to keep their stuff picked up. We share with everyone where we got him as everyone says he is such a good looking pup. Thank you


Hello Sandra, Mark and Kory. As you will recall I purchased a male pup from the Kit and Kramer litter. we named him Axel after his Granddad. Attached is a recent picture. Approaching 5 months old he is becoming a fantastic dog. He is enrolled in the AKC Good Citizen program here and in a few weeks I think he will receive his certificate. He is the star of his class of seventeen other dogs. I m very proud of him. Anyway, I am so happy to own this pup that I just don't have the words to express my feelings. He is everything I had hoped for and more. I can't thank you enough. Robert


I just wanted to send you a small update on how our puppy is doing!
First things first I suppose; we named him Logen. (Our banker is named Monte so we decided to change it. ;) Logen is a favorite character from a book for both Shane and I, so we decided on that.) He is a fantastic dog. I am not sure what I was expecting exactly, but sleepless nights was something I assumed would happen for sure. No such thing. Logen is incredibly well mannered, and such a sweet and calm boy. He didn't eat too well for the first 24h or so, but now he's eating great. We've only had a few accidents inside, and he seems to be getting the whole "go putty outside" concept really well.  He even told Shane he had to go out last night. He is absolutely great with the kids and we have only seen very little of the nipping/mouthing, and that only when he gets worked up playing and excited. He is also a perfect gentleman on the leash, which blows me away, considering how young he is. He tends to follow me around the house but lies down at my/our feet if we stop in one place. He hasn't seemed very stressed out about the big change with coming here at all, though you can tell that he's getting more familiar with us and his place here by the day. He is also great with our cats; at first he was incredibly curious about what they were exactly, but now he's figured them out and though he tries to invite them to play (something the cats are not entirely impressed with) he doesn't chase them or act bad at all. He of course comes with us when the kids and I drive out to the farm to visit daddy during the day or afternoon, and he also slept through our 5 year old Marcus's T-ball practice two days ago. Yesterday we went to the vet and they complimented him greatly. I am so incredibly happy he is part of our family, he really is an incredible sweetheart and such a good puppy. We'll keep sending you updates as time passes, and like I said if you ever need anything from us, or want to come visit or whatever, just let us know! Thank you! ~Malin


Maiya    & Kai 

"again this is why we do what we do"

Hi Mark and Sandra,
my family bought a wonderful German Shepherd from you in Nov. 09 when we were living at Ft. Sill, OK.  We named her Kai. She is a great addition to our family. We are now in Ft. Sam, San Antonio, Tx. Kai and our now 2yr old are best friends. Kai even listens to Maiya when they play. She is also very protective of her family, that's her job. I did not take her into formal training, but trained her myself to be a pleasure to be around and to take in public. We love her tremendously. Thanks again,


two AlphaTex babies and their friend 

in Big Springs, Texas

Sorry it has taken me so long to stay in touch and send pictures of my baby! I got Scout (Major, Starsky and Miss-steak's puppy) from y'all during the summer in case you don't remember exactly who he is.  I have loved every single minute of him! I have got to say he is a bit of a drama king ha ha but his personality is so funny!  He loves everyone which I like, but I do think he would be pretty protective of me.  He has been through the beginning class of training and can sit, stay, lay down, shake, and high five so far, but I'm sure he will be able to do much more soon!  He is a big momma's boy and never leaves my side! :)  Just wanted to thank y'all so much for giving me the best dog in the world!! haha I am attaching some pictures so you can see how much he has grown up! He really does look like his dad! Thank you so much!!




Jessie's first snow in Tyler, Texas


Hello Mark and Sandra,
We have had a great first night.  Alois is eating well and going outside without any problems.  He took his medicine well and has played with a few of his new toys. The girls were VERY surprised when they got home from school.  Avery even turned down an invitation for pizza and a movie tonight to be home with him.   I am attaching a couple of pictures from this evening.  We are all excited to get outside to play and explore together tomorrow.


                                                                                                                                                          "Alois will be an Axel made over. Enjoy him!!!"                                                                     


Just wanted to let you guys know how our puppy is doing. We decided to name him Varick, and he is doing soooo well. He was extremely wary of us at first, but he warms up to us more everyday. We got him his shots yesterday, and he was so relaxed, the vet didn't even have to hold him down to give him his shots, even with the microchip, he didn't flinch. He's so even tempered and mellow, I just wanted to thank you guys again for him. 
Thanks again :)


Mark and Sandra, The puppies are even better than I expected...We love them.


Hi Sandra I bought The first male from the Missy-agitator litter and he is a wonderful dog!

 He is so good with my kids and he is very attentive and very smart! He is now 5 months and

 he weighs 52lbs and still growing at a rapid rate!! Again thank yall!!



                                                                                                                                             The pup is doing great. Already walking with a leash wonderfully. Sleeping and eating well. No accidents inside since Monday. 


                                                                                                  We just wanted to let y'all know that we have decided on the name Scout and have already registered him.
                                             He is settling into his new home pretty well and, so far, is pretty calm. (Which I'm sure won't last long! haha) We will send pictures soon so y'all can see him growing! 
                                                                                                                 Thank you so much for our new baby! We are very excited to have him! Kristi and Nick









Hello Mark, Sandra and Kory...
It's been so long since I've spoken to any of you... and you may not remember me at all with all the families you've come to know.  However, I bought a beautiful Ryker baby from you in 2007 and named him "Dallas."  He was the love of my life and my best friend in every way.
I lost Dallas last winter... i was attacked by two pit bulls while running with my boy on our regular route we'd taken hundreds of times..Dallas protected me and held off the two male pit bulls long enough for me to get away.  His injuries were bad enough that he could not be saved.  But I do not doubt for a moment that he saved my life.  Their owner had left the gate unlocked and the dogs were wandering through town.  They were after me, not Dallas.  It was one of the most traumatic and saddening experiences of my life.  I haven't jogged on that trail since.  Both pit bulls were put to sleep.  He fought without wavering until he saw I was safe.  I buried him next to my father and brother.
So, after much thought, i've decided i want another alpha tex boy... 
I will need to do the payout plan once again.  But I have no desire to go ANYWHERE else for my new guardian and friend.  Your dogs are not only beautiful, but loyal to the death.  I am so grateful to have had him in my life.
Please let me know what you have available when you have time... and thanks again for my beautiful, beautiful, brave boy.  would be honored if you would put this email on your page.  any way to remember my boy... and for any prospective customers to understand the love the breed will give to them and the love your family gives these babies before they come to their new homes. 

In Memory of Jenn's Hero 

AlphaTex's Dallas



Obviously i want whichever male you see as being the more outgoing of the two... and since I am single and alone with my daughters... i want the boy that's going to be the biggest and as masculine as dallas was.  i trust you and mark to make that decision for me.  dallas was the perfect choice and i'll never forget the day mark brought him to me.  i work with gang members, criminals, etc... and was NEVER afraid when dallas was with me.  i definitely want that same comfort again.  i'd feel blessed if the two of you could make that decision based on my needs for a protector and friend.  the new boy will be trained as a therapy dog and go to work with me eventually.  i've already ordered his first puppy vest and will schedule his training asap. 
so let me know which boy you two feel would be best for me.  tell Kory hello as well.  look forward to hearing from you.  with friendship, jenn 
p.s.  on a side note, i think these dogs develop such a connection with their owners... i had a dream shortly before i lost dallas... that he was gone... i woke up panicked, thinking he was gone, only to find him asleep next to me on the floor.  he died two days later.  i still have dirt marks on the paint where he laid down muddy one day...and i intend to leave them there forever.  again, thank you for picking him...he healed my heart in so many ways. 

mark and sandra... i wanted this thank you to be waiting for you when you get home this evening... along with a picture of my boy... i hope that you can attach it to your page somehow with my email in his memory.  he was beautiful and i still look at him and cry with gratitude that he gave his life for me that day in January.
i've cried several times today... i cannot express to you the relief i feel in knowing i have another boy on the way who will love me the way Dallas did. as well as the gratitude that comes from knowing the two of you picked this boy especially for me.  i feel very blessed.
i'm not sure what name we will end up with for this new boy.  when i picked Dallas up from Mark in 2007 his name came out of nowhere.. so i'm going to see what names come to me this time as well.  i'll let you know as soon as I decide.  he may just end up "Dallas"... all over again.
see you soon, and thank you again with much much love.  jenn


"This is exactly why we do what we do, 

Thanks for being a part of our lives Jenn"
                                                                    Sandra, Mark and Kory


"Some of our other babies, of the Past"  



Hi Sandra, hope everything is going well in the AlphaTex family. I just wanted to give you an update on my GSD pup, Sadie, I got from you last year (She is out of Lil' Nickie and Zee II).  Sadie has grown to be a beautiful and extremely smart dog, and is a great companion.  She is extremely easy to train and is so sweet.  of her "helping" me pack for a trip this past March.  I couldn't ask for a better dog.
Thanks again,


 Tiberius                                                     Tiberius                                                 Tiberius 


     please email us at sandra@alphatexkennels.com   

  or Feel Free to Call us at (806) 292-7445 or(806) 292-5348



Hi AlphaTex family!

its been a while since you've heard from me. we got one of your missy and agitator boys a year ago this summer. its hard to believe that in just a couple days this little *actually not little at all* will turn a year old already!  i named him Tiberius *full name Tiberius Von AlphaTex Enterprise* and he really fills out such a big name.  he weighs over 80 lbs the last time he was weight, i'm sure hes surpassed that by now, and its one tall fella.  he loves to play with all the other dogs around and just has an all around great attitude.  hes one of the smartest dogs i have ever met, which is sometimes to my disadvantage. he has truly helped me out in ways i never would have thought.  he is a great protector without needing training and has actually already saved me in a few scary instances.  he is my rock.  i'm getting ready to graduate college here in May and once that is done my boy and i are headed back up north where he will have a four acre fenced yard to play around in and i nice big house to keep me company in.  i cannot tell you how many compliments i get about him on a daily basis, he is truly a great example of the breed, and i always tell people where i got him from, i hope a few of those people have trickled your way.  i just wanted to thank you guys again for giving me one great dog.  i couldn't of asked for anything better!~Samantha
PS.  i'll try attaching multiple pictures of him growing up so you can see the little man
i don't have any that are immediately recent uploaded but i think you'll be able to get the idea.  i just can't get over how much like his mom and dad he looks like!

"Porsche"                                             "Porsche"

"Which little lady is the cutest?"

"Porsche was 9 mounts old when these photos were taken""Isn't she a great young gal?"

Paul and Porsche {2011}

Hey Smith family just wanted to say hello and let y'all know that Porsche completed and received  BH
in obedience and temperament, we will move on and continue her training in the hopes of a SCH I
and if possible II and III. She is a great dog and we are very proud of her. She is from the Zee II-Tierney
litter 4/11/2009. The research I've done on her pedigree has inspired me to continue with her training as there
are some good bloodlines in the lineage. Take care.  Paul

"A Turbo and Missy son "Axis" on his way at last to his new home in Oklahoma"

"Our Thanks to Kristene and Michael, and their gang"

Axis and KayLynne                              Axis and KayLynne

"Axis is growing fast and is KayLynne's new 4H project"



{Kiki is a beautiful Dallas and Agitator daughter}

Just wanted to let you know how things were going with Kiki aka "Della". There is so much to tell but I don't want to take up to much of your time. For starters, she's very smart, loyal, and obedient. Everywhere I go, she has to be my side, which I love! Everyone in my family simply adores her, she has become a true member of our family. Thanks for breeding quality German Shepherds, I just recommended your services to a gentlemen yesterday that was interested in a male GS. Kiki was on one her poddy sessions, and I live across the street from an convenience store, so I guess he notices her and comes over and ask "where did you get her, she's beautiful." And the rest is history. As for myself, I am so pleased with her training progress. She understands the commands NO!,lol, sit, lay-down, and last night started to teach her the stay command, and in only 2 attempts, she understood what I wanted. I was amazed!!, one of the smartest GS I have ever owned. So thank you so much once again for providing exactly what you advertise.


                                                                "An AlphaTex baby and her new best friend "Benny"                                                                           

on her way to her new home on a Texas Panhandle Ranch"     


               "Rebekah and Dessire Live on a West Texas cotton farm"            


 "Rebekah and Dessire "                                                     "Dessire enjoying a hay ride" 



Sandra and Family,
     I just wanted to send you some pictures of our Stetson Boy. Thank you so much for being a part of adding this wonderful loving ball of energy and fur to our family. We love him so very much.  Hope this year brings you lots of love and smiles!
Matt and Paige 

I purchased a puppy about one month ago.  I forgot the insanity that comes with a new puppy and got little sleep for about a week.  I must tell you how wonderful she has turned out and the enormous joy that she brings to this household.  She is so smart and just wants to please---and of course play.  I am so happy that I have her.  Thank you for such a perfect friend. Sincerely, Barbara

Hey there.  Thought we'd give you an update on a puppy we bought from 
you.  Dustee is now approaching 10 mos. old.  He has grown quite large 
as we have expected.  Not sure how much more to expect in growth.  He 
has slowed down a bit now.  But he is a beauty.  He has a great 
personality and extremely smart.  We have really enjoyed his addition 
to our family. Thought you'd like a recent picture to 
enjoy.  Hope all is well for you all.  Happy 2010


I wanted to let you know that both Augie and Brody are doing fantastic. Both of course are spoiled rotten. Brody turned out to be a bird dog on his own right. One morning I awoke and felt a wet mound of something suspicious in bed with me. This is never a good thing. I turned on the light to find that Brody has brought me a sparrow  though the dog door, and had dropped in on top if the bed while I was sleeping. I picked up the bird only to find out is was still very much alive. I took it outside. Put it on the ground and sure enough it flew away  after a few minutes. Never a dull moment. J

"Augie and Brody"

"are best buds in New Mexico"


     please email us at sandra@alphatexkennels.com   

  or Feel Free to Call us at

(806) 292-7445 or (806) 292-5348


Hi AlphaTex : )

I just wanted to send yall an email and some updated pictures of our baby boy Jango. He is 15 weeks (almost 16 now) and weighs in at right about 25 pounds. He's totally potty trained and can sit, shake (both paws), lay down, roll over and play dead. David and I cannot get over what a GREAT dog he is and we are totally in love with him. Just wanted yall to know he is getting PLENTY (def more than he needs : ) ) of love and care. Hope yall are doing well and everything at AlphaTex is wonderful! Wishing yall the best of Christmas and New Years.

With His love,


Hi Sandra, how are you? I just wanted to let you know that Harley is doing great! is a happy and energetic puppy. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. He has a great temperament and is very smart. We are enjoying him immensely. 
Hope everything is going well for you and your extended family!  Take care and God Bless.



Thought you might like to see pictures of our ever growing puppy we bought from you in May.  Dustee is a great dog.  He is very smart.  He is definitely an alpha male and is proving to be a great family companion.  He has a great personality.  We have been taking him to the lake with us.  He has a life jacket and loves to swim and fetch water Frisbees.  All around great dog.  Will prove to be very large.  His paws are as big as our last grown shepherd and he is only 4 months.  We will enroll him in obedience school and hope to move onto agility classes after that.  A true treasure. 
Marty, Dina, Swade & Olivia


Sandra, Hello just thought I would send you a picture of Byron so you could see how wonderful he is growing. He is 6 months old now and bigger than ever! We love him, he brings great joy to our household, Thanks, Amber and Jason

"Three AlphaTex babies waiting for a treat in South Texas"

"our Thanks to the Brown family"



"This is the best fun I have of all, 

giving  new families their baby"

"thanks for the pictures Wally"

Hi Sandra!  A couple of months ago I purchased a female from Legacys litter and just thought I should send some pictures.  I cant believe how beautiful she is!  She has really become a big part of our family and made herself right at home. Hopefully the pictures come through ok.  This was an unusual moment in time where she was still enough for pictures, so enjoy. Thanks for everything and well be in touch! 

Hi Mark & Sandra, Wishing you both a happy Valentines day.!! The puppy we got from you, Champion (Champ) Royale Stauter has been grown from a little terror into a fantastic companion and playful pet. He is an extremely smart and beautiful creatureand seems to know it. Everyone in our subdivision knows him and where he lives. He is a very fast powerful dog who excels at energetic physical activities. He loves to play ball, pull on rope go for long walks and dance with Charlene. Best personal regards, Charles & Charlene Stauter


"Mercedes with her new big brother, Cecil (Shitzu)."     " Mercedes  is growing up beautiful," 

As promised, please see attached photo taken today. Mercedes  is beautiful, huh? We absolutely love and cherish her. She is a treasured member of our family!!!!! I tell everyone about her and AlphaTex kennels. Sincerely, Lisa 

We just wanted to thank you again! Mercedes is such a JOY! She is doing great! I think she will be easy to train, too. Here are a couple of pictures I took yesterday. One is with her new big brother, Cecil (Shitzu). Of course he won't be her "big" brother for long, LOL! We will keep in touch!  Lisa


 4 1/2 months

Hi Sandra,  They are all three doing well..  Rocky and Flower go to the lake with me and they are awesome.  Gorgeous dogs!!!!!!!!!!  rocky is a showstopper. Thanks so much for letting me have the opportunity to own such beautiful loving shepherds. 


"AlphaTex babies in Oklahoma our Thanks to the Hoffman's" 



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"I think they get along fine 2008"                     "Still best friends 2009"

 "forever best friends 2010"

{2 AlphaTex babies in Albuquerque, New Mexico}



"Ranger taking it easy,  6 mts. old"


             Dregan and Dena                              "CeeGee is ready for a new friend"

 "had  their first litter,  in Arlington, Texas"                                                                                       


"Sabra, Zack and Cody,                                        "Kinetic, ready to fly to her new home

at home in, South Carolina"                                                          In Waco, Texas"                   


                         "Silver and Trigger, visit Santa Claus"

                  "Sabra Hanging out"                 

                                                                                                    "Sabra is now with her new family, in South Carolina"                                                                                                


                                       Maddie"   " Hey look Mom,                                          

                                                                I finally got my ears up"                                                                      


                                                "Are we On Our way Home, Mommy"             " Ten + Years later we need 2 AlphaTex's, babies"                                

'Shotzie's 2007 Boys"

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"Star's only child 2008"

Sledge, and his best friend                                                   Bronson as a teenager       


                                                                                                                                "Jordon and Sage"                                                           


            "Thanks Paige"                                          "sierra"                




"The Essary's new family member"                                            Nakita                                  


            "Sampson Is growing up"                 



        "Butch fresh from a swim" 


                                     Ali and Malakay                                       


                            "Paige's Samantha"                 11 weeks, 27 lbs, "way to Go Brutus"


"Cee Gee, at her new home at last"                              "Stormy at home in New Mexico"

                                                                                                                          {he is keeping a hint of his Blue color}                              

Colt 45

"a beautiful Zeto and Corrie son"

DOB 7-31-2008

He is a great  family protector for the Stewarts in Iowa Park, Texas.


"Kirby (4 months),                                              "Shade (nine years old),

and her best friend"                                                was his, Nap Pal, also"

"this is indeed an example of the wonderful temperament,

 That we strive to produce, in our babies"


Hello All,
I am now 1 year old, and such a good boy. I am very smart, I can open
hotel room doors if Mommy does not lock the door, and I know how to
open the ice chest and get a piece of ice when I want one. (Now if I
can just get Daddy a beer, I just might be the perfect dog!! he he.) I
have a "deer" friend we call Bucky that I talk to when he comes to eat
corn. I am very good natured and sweet, and love company.  I am such a
big boy, I am 27" tall at the shoulders, although I don't think I am
much more than a lap dog. Here are a few pictures of what a pretty boy
I am.  Hope all is well with ya'll, and have a good year.

Amigo & "bucky" are "deer" friends

well this is hutch he has got a bit bigger than the last time you saw him. 

he is doing very well and is super smart and my kids adore him like no other animal 

they have ever met.



    Addie is just a whip-smart little girl!  She slept most of the way back, part in my lap.  She has bonded with me, and hardly leaves my feet. 

 She is getting along OK with the other animals, and is bravely exploring the house and yard.  It looks like she is going to be an exceptional pup!  Thanks so much!


              Just letting you know that Cash made it home great no potty accidents in the car or at home so far has went potty every time we have let him out. Went to pet smart and started spoiling him more. Bought him a ball and a stuffed squeaky turtle. Cash loves the turtle (chews on it like crazy).  My wife Vanessa said that you had mentioned buying raw hide any certain type I should get? Also was curious if you had any recommendations for treats for training purposes and for rewards that is still healthy and good for Cash.  I ended up getting his AKC registration completed online and used ALPHATEX'S in front of his name. But thank you so much  for everything and we will defiantly keep in touch and keep you updated with pictures. Take care and thank you again for everything.
   we wanted to thank you for sweet and lovable we named her Daisy she is a very good puppy and really hyper so she will fit in perfectly with our family
Thanks Again
Our son purchased one of your male German Shepherd pups back in the spring of 2006.  Riley came to live with our family and has been a constant example of love, fun and companionship.  He is truly a very special dog and our love for him is endless!! Our son has bought his first home and planning to move shortly, even
though he will still live here in town I cannot even fathom that I will not have Riley to keep me company.  I am very sad. While browsing through your website, I have fallen in love all over again with your beautiful babies.  Maybe in the near future I can purchase another one of your gorgeous German Shepherds.

Hi about six months ago i received one of your German shepherd dogs from my neighbor that had to move and i just wanted to say what a beautiful dog she is. you guys did an amazing job. this is the smartest dog i have ever owned. she quickly became my best friend and I her's. well i don't want to waste all of your time i just wanted to let you know that i have one of your dogs and she is absolutely amazing. i have since moved from Texas to Vermont and she loves the snow she's got 3 acres to play on! well anyway thank you very much the only thing i regret is not being able to meet you and have her from a puppy, but i wouldn't trade her for the world.  Just to let you know which one her name is Meisha sire: Ryker   Dam: Mechia


In case you don't remember  I emailed you a month or so ago about recently receiving one of your German shepherds Meisha and you asked for some pictures of me and her so i finally got some.
The pictures were taken at a local lake up here in Vermont! they are of Meisha of course, my girlfriend of 5 years Kara, and Me Meisha had a great time there was no one there so we were able to let her off her leash and let her run!  
Meisha' s favorite thing to do is go on a car ride. and she knows the word and gets so excited every time she hears it, we can no longer say it at our house, so we had begun to spell it R-I-D-E but now she has picked up on that too! :) like i said before she is extremely smart! i will try to attach a short video of her getting excited about a ride! As you can see in the pictures she is very happy, healthy, and well loved! We love having her she is such a blessing, so thank you so much once again!



KARA and Mechia                                        Zach and Mechia

{enjoying a day at a Vermont lake}
i hope to hear back from you soon, let me know what you think of the pictures!

thank you

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Good Afternoon Sandra,
I just wanted to take a few minutes to say Thank You for our new beautiful big boy.  We love him dearly, you were right he is such a gentleman. Ryker has been going to work everyday with Zach and absolutely loves it, but he always looks forward to coming home and seeing his momma.  He is absolutely spoiled rotten, this morning I slept in and I suppose Ryker decided that it was time for me to get out of bed so he leaped up right in the middle of the bed and started giving me kisses.  And actually it worked, I did get up.  We went for a long walk and then he helped Zach & I plant some flowers in the front yard.  I tell you he was a very big help, the old plants that we dug up he drug them across the yard.  I tell you he was soooo pleased with himself, he also got dirty so later today he will be getting a bath.  Yippee, who knows how that will go?????
Ryker's first experience with the other love of my heart, my Yorkie.  The meeting went very well, however Snickers was like "Mom, are you crazy???  Look at his size!!!"  Snickers thought he needed to protect his momma and Ryker thought he needed to herd the little rat.  It was hilarious to watch. 
We will be taking Ryker on vacation with us this year, he will get to experience South Padre Island.  He will have tons of fun on the beach, herding all the nieces and nephews all day.  I will take pictures soon and email to you.
Thanks again, for our precious big boy.  We love him dearly!!!!! 

Hi Mark, Sandra and Kory!

I just wanted to give you an update on Wendy. She and the boys are doing well. They are getting along for the most part (they get on each other's nerves at times). I guess they are definitely brothers and sister now. She loves being in the house. She's become a momma's girl. Now I have three Shepherds following me everywhere. We have a fairly big house but somehow we all end up in a small room (4 people and three dogs). She is a very smart girl and a fast learner. She opened the cabinet and grab the bag of rawhides. It was quite funny! We love our girl! She most definitely has been a wonderful addition to the family, Steve, Faby, Rebekah and Rachel                                                                                                

We purchased CeeGee {German Shepherd}, from you guys and I thought I would send you a new picture of our baby.  I also was wondering about possibly getting another puppy from you guys. I think we are ready, actually I think CeeGee needs someone new to play with. 

THANKS SOOO MUCH!!!  SHE IS ADORABLE!  I can hardly wait! 

Ebony and Arnie are doing great!!! we had 9 BEAUTIFUL.........puppies!!!!!!

my last dog died, i now understand that breeding and bloodlines are important as is the reputation of the breeder so i am no longer leaving it to chance with inferior breeders. i am looking for a large male black and tan, for family protection, and a companion.  

Many thanks for all of your help with picking a perfect baby for us.
Sounds like your family is having a lot of fun this holiday season.
Best Wishes and feel free to contact me at any time in the future.
God Bless.

Just wanted to update you and let you know that so far Annie's doing great! she loves to be petted and if I stop she will head butt my arms until I'm petting again. I'm actually typing 1 handed now because of it. She has already warmed up so much from this morning! We have practiced on the leash and she's warmed up to that as well, but I think it's really just that she wants to right by my side...or between my legs. That's actually where she wants to walk! Makes me look kind of silly but that's ok. I will update you guys again in a few weeks to let you know how she's settling in. THANKS!



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